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Spring is just around the corner and we’re ready for it! We’re guessing you are too. The warmer weather will be welcome after this long winter and we’re excited for new beginnings. 

Feeling like a little spring pick-me-up? Look no further. Nothing evokes spring like the image of a tulip, so we’ve got tulips in our window, just as we’re soon to have tulips growing in the garden. We guarantee a visit to our store will put a smile on your face. And it’s the perfect time to stop by because spring is when the latest jewelry fashion comes out so we’ve got lots to show you. 

If you’re born in March, you’ll probably already know that Aquamarine is this month’s birthstone. This beautiful semi-precious gem is known for its soothing, clear, blue color which is reminiscent of the sea. In fact, the name Aquamarine comes from the Latin for “sea water”. The coloring of this stone ranges from sea green to cool, translucent blue, and the more “blue” it is, the more valuable the stone. These attributes make it the perfect choice for anyone who loves the water or the sea – or who just loves the color blue!  

We have some gorgeous Aquamarine pieces in stock right now and have access to a huge variety of additional items (not just Aquamarine) through our jewelry contacts and suppliers. We’d also be delighted to talk to you about custom-making a piece. We are proud fourth-generation jewelers with a creative flair that we impart to each of our creations. So whether you’re looking for something for you or someone special, we’re your best bet to find that special item.

Spring wedding on the horizon? Don’t forget that, in addition to our jewelry collection and timepiece repair service, we offer tuxedo rental and dry cleaning. We’re all about making things convenient and easy for you so you can concentrate on enjoying the special occasion.

Come and see what we have blooming in our store. If something shiny and new is on the menu, we’ve got you covered. We’re all ready for the spring renewal, the warm weather and the longer days to come and hope you are too. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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