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It may still feel like a little ways off, but springtime is definitely on the way. March 20th is the first official day of Spring 2022, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start getting into the “springtime spirit”. We’re already thinking about sunshine, picnics, spring weddings and prom season here at Seifert Jewelry. We have been serving the city of Klyde and the great state of Kansas since 1902, and our fourth-generation owners Scott and Dawn are here for you this year, just like they have been in the past. 

First, let’s talk about parties! With proms, weddings and socials around the corner, make sure you have your tux rental lined-up and ready to go. We have a huge selection of styles to make him look dapper that fit all budgets. It’s our job to make sure you make a grand entrance when you and your date walk into the room and we have tons of experience in doing so. All our men look and feel great when they’re dressed to the nines in our fantastic formal wear. 

If you have any March babies in your life, the birthstone for the month of March is Aquamarine. Its gorgeous, relaxing, tranquil color is reminiscent of the sea and has a calming effect on all those who gaze upon it. And what better way to remind us of the warmer days ahead than to imagine tropical seas and warm sand? (Ok, we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but it’s nice to dream, right?) Don’t forget to treat that March baby in your life to a special aquamarine piece that they’ll cherish forever. 

Do you and your special someone have an important date or life celebration coming up this year? If so, you may want to make this the year of the gift that dwarfs all gifts, and what better way to do that than have a piece custom-made to your exact specifications by our bench jeweler, Scott Seifert. Scott is a graduate of Gem City Community College and has over 30 years experience in goldsmithing and gem-setting. This means you can trust us to design and create a custom piece that will stand the test of time. These are the types of pieces that will be handed-down for generations to come and become family heirlooms. We would be proud to be a part of your special plans, so come on in with your ideas and sit down with us to create that piece that will just blow everyone away. 

Finally, don’t forget that we offer the full array of repair services for all types of jewelry. If you have any older pieces that are not looking their best, or that you have concerns about, like a slightly loose stone or a broken prong, make 2022 the year to breathe new life into these pieces and bring them in to us for some TLC. 

Seifert Jewelry is proud to be your local jeweler. Come in and see us and let us dazzle you with our in-depth knowledge and expertise in everything jewelry!

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