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It’s July and summer is here in all its glory. It’s been so nice to get outside and enjoy the weather. We’re sure you’re busy making plans to have friends and family gather to celebrate July 4th, but have you also started thinking about what to buy those July babies in your life? If not, you’re in luck! Ruby is the traditional birthstone for July and we’ve got your July rubies in store as well as a load of catalog items that we can bring in for you. 

Known as a “cardinal gem”, ruby is a precious gemstone and is considered, along with others like sapphire, emerald and diamond, as one of the most precious gemstones. The name “ruby” comes (as many words do) from the Latin word “ruber”, meaning – you guessed it – red!

We often use the phrase “ruby red” to describe beautiful red hues we see in nature and beyond. Dorothy’s “ruby” slippers in The Wizard of Oz are one of the most iconic movie props of all-time, symbolizing hope and triumph over adversity. In jewelers’ parlance, this color is known as “pigeon-blood red” and commands a premium in the market. But did you know that not all rubies are red? They actually come in a variety of shades, from the standout pigeon-blood red, to more subtle shades of pink. Whichever hue appeals to you the most, we’ve got you covered! 

We’re also here for your custom creations. Scott, our talented bench jeweler, can create a stunning piece for you or that special someone from scratch, or take an existing piece and transform it into something fresh and new. So bring in a photo, drawing, or just an idea, and let us work our magic. 

Every girl needs a stunning ruby in her jewelry box, so come on in and let us help you find the perfect piece for that special someone. We have what you need for your July baby and any one else on your list, and can work with any style or budget. See you soon!

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