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There are so many good reasons to shop local, and we’re going to focus on some of those reasons over the next few months in our blog, but one of the big ones is the experience. A shopping experience at your local jewelry store (that’s us!) provides you with a buying “experience” that simply cannot be matched by shopping online. Purchasing jewelry is an investment, so you are going to want to make sure you get what you’re looking for the first time around, without the hassle of having to return something that doesn’t fit the bill. The actual process of learning about, selecting, and buying jewelry is completely different from the type of catalog shopping that you would normally do online – you want to see, feel and physically experience the piece before purchasing it – and we offer you just that! Not to mention, all shopping is fun, especially shopping for jewelry! 

Part of the experience that you will receive at our store comes from our staff’s in-depth knowledge of jewelry. Combined, our people have decades of experience helping people buy jewelry. We often know what you might be looking for straight away (and maybe even before you do!) because we do this all the time and have been doing it for a long time. In many cases, all you need to do is describe what you are looking for and we can point you directly to it. And our encyclopedic knowledge of available jewelry allows us to show you options that you may not have even considered. Consider us like your personal guide to the world of jewelry. We love what we do and we want to share that knowledge with you, our customer. 

If you haven’t been to our store, we encourage you to drop by. Our store environment is a lovely place to sit and relax whilst you look over options, talk to our people, and just generally have some fun. Whether it is at the counter, a repair, a custom piece or even a tux rental, we are here to help. We provide personal, professional service in a human way that is relaxing and no-pressure. Online shopping is great for some things, but we think jewelry shopping is high on the list of those activities where the store experience is just so much better.

Remember too, we may be able to see in our records or even remember other pieces you, or your gift recipient has purchased previously. We can help you make sure the item you select matches the aesthetic and style of the owner. Perfect!

All in all, the experience of shopping in our beautiful, local jewelry store is the exact opposite of catalog or online sales. It’s about people, relationships, services, and interaction. You get service now and later – we stand behind all of our products – expertise, selection, and a great experience. Who could ask for more?.

Before we go, just a little reminder that if you have September babies in your life, this month’s birthstone is the stunning sapphire. One of the most coveted of the precious stones, sapphire is fit for royalty, and indeed, is often worn by royalty! Come on in, experience our great service and let’s go shopping for something sapphire together. See you soon!

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